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Prosciutto Salame bresaola formaggio

 La Nostrana

In your homes since 1980

Meat, deli meats, pastries and pasta ... Unique and old recipes handed down from generation to generation. Typical natural products.

La Nostrana di Balisio, Ballabio Valsassina

Typical products of the area, farm, pastry shop,  Butcher's.

Chi Siamo

-  ABOUT  -

La Nostrana was born in 1980 on  Balisio hill,  a short step  from the city but  surrounded by  nature. Our family-run business preserves its fresh homemade  products as well;  desserts and deli meats are produced  using natural ingredients only  following our old recipes handed down from one generation to another.

Genuine and unique but long forgotten  flavors!

Try them out! 

Special products


Special Products!


High natural quality.

Secret recipes of family for years that accompany you at the table with all the taste of the meat locally, just as once.


Our production following the recipes of the family Buzzoni, savors true and unique.

From  the first to the sweet, ready meals typical nostrani not to make you miss anything. The tradition is in the heart.


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Via Provinciale 109, Balisio - Ballabio | 23811 Lecco

( to  roundabout  in front of CRI Ambulanza )

MON: 8.30 - 12.30  

TUE, THU, FRY, SAT, SUN:  8.30  - 12.30  /  15.30 - 19.00   /  

Wednesday close

© 2017 La Nostrana 

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